creamy… shaved by the ice

tea green tea and banana

refresh blending with freeze turbinado pleasantries

light and no one chokes upon mention

cool… I breezes chilled to sweet factors

while at the sight of cold breath the heart drizzles

easy cool like tropical mangos and mamas

indulge long enough I am more mellow

yellow tulips with honeyed ears of corn for vapors

added for sleek happiness







face, the body migrating to voluptuous

he doesn’t understand

that at twenty three you will always be the man

I am woman and child and woman

has set up shop in the smiles of days gone by

developing rings around her trunk

and you aren’t the wiser

I hope to see you growing reaching no longer a seedling

I will always be me with adages appendages amendments

girly 2.0 hoping for continued tallness

stimulating conversation that you will seek as you go

cognizant of turning pages

we are still beautiful only more sage and aromatic

It could be romantic if continued watering planting

I will take on anything, sing anything by you

gotsta be nothing but us with some twisting and winding

some trying and some changing

making some adjustments

viewing thangs in the positive

cause if I haven’t killed nobody yet

remain contained with everyone around me

without setting lyrics to substitute Lucille in the atmosphere behind me

then It’s gosta be I ain’t dark and evil

you and rearranged sweetness

no longer twenty three

still plenty

AND WE BECOME (Dante Style Petrarchan Sonnet)

I had to…has such significance for the times

I Am Whatever I Choose To Become

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All rights reserved.
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Rumblings of explosive thunder to come
Rolling rivers of liquid pain beginning what will be done
Humbled to thin bones for minor meager meals via soul mutiny as manifested
Muscles torn to shred as skin becomes weak to the sun
Hugging my youngest in the cold night knowing no victory is won
Tattered cloth flowing in the wind walking a winding road bested

Coughs of flame begin from young lungs set ablaze by life
Poisoned lungs never breathing freedom of youth being suckled by strife
In my arms the death of hope freezing a fragile body born fragile never reaching maturity
Boulders of conflict crushing our liberation as falling caves of ice
Drowning in the cold waters of conflict melting in the crucible of life
Maternity & Paternity transcendentally crushed by the blinding ignorance of eternity

Like fine dust the youth…

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Saying A Little Something

don’t want to black something
I am black something
(don’t want anything else blacking me)
I don’t want to blues nothing
already blue in most beautiful, perfect shade
It would be freeing to mean the same
being black something
blue something
but it doesn’t mean the same
and wanting to is mental illness
in this brain or outside of body

I was peaceful

it don’t mean nothing

don’t even mean thatgoodwp.com_18575

A tremble at a song

pause then advance

teetering cause I know…it’s going to leave another scar

tells me so but I’m moved to twist

feel cool then hot

rubbing sores of reminiscing

melting a buttered soul

then not but I press hypnotized before the tour

brown ball of cub in the warmth of purrs

while the vice is minutes bracing

threatening a medium grip getting tighter

before the darkness becomes larger

missing it yet nearing regression

melody of striking malevolence…bellowing

though split it taunts, pleading for my returns

stands in the door as an enduring acquaintance

with pain on my face I bite my lip

pressing play

and I burn because I need to get by


FINALITY (Free Verse) Poem 3 of 3

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I Am Whatever I Choose To Become

Black drops of rain during a fiery sunset
Blazing heat scorching the drenched earth
A final tango at the extinguishing of the Sun
Eternal darkness to come between our bodies

We embrace with tears in our eyes, fire in our hearts
Let us shout together like the wolves of the night to show the universe we exist
An end of all, the death of our world, untimely but self fulfilling
and yet we together attempt to live forever in the heat of sensuality

Hold me tight as we watch the moon shatter crashing into a land beyond the horizon
Let us squeeze tighter as we watch Mercury caress Venus in chaotic love
Forgetting where living ends and death begins lost in bliss of oneness
Ending with living

Together we will conceive a child of consciousness,
Giving birth to a mind beyond life
Soul beyond light…

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Does Your Mama Know…?

mother & child copy Art by Ty Moore

In a period where teenagers and younger people have less and less regard for their parents or their advice, I am full on grown and listen to everything mama utters.

She says, “I don’t like your hair that color” and whatever the color is presently has got to change. She says, “Why don’t you wear more fitted cloths” and I start looking for something to hug my hips.

I have consciously listened to my mother since the age of twelve. She threw the perfect sentence at me to prevent me from getting pregnant at an early age when she said, “You know how much pain you’re in at that time of the month? Well- pregnancy pain is three times worse than that”.

That was all she had to say. To this day I don’t have any children but then I don’ have a husband either, (We’re not trying to rush that-J). Those words have never stopped anyone…except me.

The only explanation there could be for my listening to her from such a young age is she has always appeared ahead of her time. She’s has always been young and I saw her as fun loving, smart and in control. She was good for all of her siblings maintaining a special relationship with each of us. She was the mother of all mothers’ and she never steered me wrong.

Therefore, if she approached me today with a shade of lipstick and eye shadow that it never occurred to me to put on my face. I trust if applied I’mma take one glance in the mirror and know I am the M A C dime piece it was always meant for me to be and remember… I’m long grown.

Respect the Body-Respect the Mind

I am making it a goal- as I manage to include it most of the time but not as much as I should. If I eat food everyday then I should also take the time to feed the mind and heart as well.

That way I don’t run around here thinking it is ok for people not to like me due to a bad attitude or that it’s forward thinking to be angry, not caring about the feelings of others. Now I can’t help ones personal feelings about me when there is no cause for it but I do care about reputation as one who has dedicated themselves to being a servant.faceme

As a servant it is important to care about how I present myself as GOD’s admonishment is to watch how we walk. I have to care about loving my enemies without worrying about whether that love is returned as long as I’m doing my part in, “putting on the new person or man”, (Ephesians 4:24, And put on the new man, to which God has given life, in righteousness and a true and holy way of living.- Basic English Bible).

According to the scripture this person or man is something I need to slip into everyday. If we advocate the Bible we know that love is the greatest commandment, (Matthew 22:36-40New International Version (NIV). 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” If I respect my spiritual needs, busy about feeding it then there is no room for hate or the entertainment of it.