Love with an L7

Love with an L 7



Sunday rolls around and the decisive moment has arrived, “You’re going to sink or swim sis,” I said to myself as I approached the magazine counter in the main hall of the congregation. There he was standing there, striking figure in his mixed print bow tie with a dark pinstriped suit. He looked up and over his Peabody glasses, smooth, pale mocha complexion…”Aah Hmmm”, Focus, focus, I say,”, bringing myself back to the purpose at hand.


I asked him how he was doing. He responded in like manner. I was conscious of my surroundings so as to seize the moment while no paths were clear. Commenting on one of the magazines at the book counter, I noticed an article on music, “Perfect”, I thought although I ain’t bit mo’ interested in no piano.


“I see there’s an article here on music. Have you had a chance to read it yet?” I asked. He stated that he had not yet but would get to it as it was of special interest to him. I took this as an opportunity to probe, “Why, do you play in a band in your spare time or something?”


He replied, “No, but I teach piano.” “Bing!” There I jumped for the opening. “So you teach huh? How long have you been teaching it?” He said, “Since I was a teenager, on and off or when I find people who are interested.” “Would you be willing to take on another student?”


I smiled. “I’ve always wanted to learn the piano. I had an organ as a kid, sort of sparked my interest in piano.” He looked a little startled at first. He stammered out, “Uh, well,(sounding like Braxton P. Hartnabrig), I would love to but I won’t be able to start up lessons again until the fall. I am taking on extra time in the ministry for the summer.


Would lessons in the fall be okay with you?” I smiled answering, “Sure, we can talk more about it later if you’d like but I guess I had better take a seat now that the meeting is about to start. Oh and, thank you for the magazines Roger. “ I walked away trying to contain my wicked wiggle, eyes rolling around, sighing relief getting over that hurdle.


I figured I had done enough for 30 minutes and would not create any new circumstance for a couple weeks or until enough time has passed, in order not to rush the situation. Over the next few weeks, he and I continued to make it a point to speak to each other. I also found out I would be in the same study group that he, “Mr. Sexy Professor” himself, would be conducting. I am thinking, “Aaaah, I get to be all up on him… close and personal.


This should make for an easier conquest on my part. I later told Bren, my best friend since we were teenagers, about how he and I were going to be in close quarters of each other in the study group so he can tease me with his brain. Bren, (partner in crime) was excited and elated, as only she could be to hear about the way things seemed to be coming together, of course, and of course, I felt good!


I felt even better than THAT since Bren put the idea of this little joining of him and me in my head. This idea also came with a condition…for me to have mercy because I might be too much for him.  Instigator.




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