talk about hair

Talk About “Good” Hair

Sorry India we love you but sure we are our hair. The song is correct in expressing the inner conflict that exist regarding black hair and appearance but there is the pressure to fit into the European image; an indelible impression that somehow straighter tresses are tied into the ideology of ultimate beauty. However, plain and simple… a woman is good if her hair is good. She can look frumpy with a jogging suit on from the neck down or not be as pulled together in her attire but as long as her hair is whipped, she is Queen Nefertiti with an entourage (waving, finger snap)!

Nowadays, the African American female is finding there is more advantage in returning to her roots, “The Natural”, which I too gladly sport. With natural hair comes a certain feeling of affirmation and preservation. When I decided to go natural, it was liberating times three but do not be fooled, it doesn’t mean less care as natural hair usually equals additional attention. Natural hair has a tendency to break easier becoming dry if not carefully treated but when it’s healthy it is most gratifying.


Hairstyles most favored in the natural look are:

The afro – short are long it is very attractive and a sign of great confidence

Short & Long Au’ Naturale’

Source: afrohair

Source: africanamericanshort

Source: mediaonsugar

Get It Twisted

Braids – which are very expressive, worn in endless styles.

Braid Mine


Source: stockexpert

The Undreadful Dreads

Dreads – seemingly producing an unmistakable edginess or rawness with rare sex appeal


The Erykah Ba Do

Source: fashiontribenet

Hello Flow

Another reason to kick the straight hair habit and love natural hair is because of the resurgence of it among women and the degenerative effects of permanent-relaxer on African American hair. Over time, it has become increasingly harsh for the hair and scalp. In addition, it becomes a literal epidermis landfill when permanent color is added, meaning intense conditioning and moisturizing at least weekly or bi-weekly. This ritual can get old. Even with the most extreme care, the disappointing results can turn out the same… weakened, less manageable hair. Therefore, it’s hello to the fro, we’re gonna give it a go and goodbye perm…Ah, baby, we knew ye well.”



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