why don’t we sky

why not lift off
chasing amber highways, yellow spheres
wispy chasms among hot air moons
purple birds coasting
getting pictures of flighty urgency
mid morning aftermath
don’t you want to investigate
be albatross companions moving clouds along heaven’s post
unaware of destinations but going somewhere
present climate excluded
haven’t eyes had fill of complacent arrows
monotonous pinch, same, identical
baritone ebb
look, only to bluish pale over snow caps
refreshing isles of pristine opulence… pinnacle ride

yea…why don’t we sky


3 thoughts on “why don’t we sky

  1. Well… sweet lady, your beautiful words made me want to escape right this minute…need another flying companion? Truly wonderful thoughts, and why not? Why should we be trapped on the ground when we all have the ability to fly. vx’s.

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