in those eyes i’m tryin to die

by the way arms are
contorted like
fleece and rubber band
but not human
if there’s movement
it’s cause my limbs
aren’t naturally landing
it’s called grasping to remain live
your body wrapped
around my neck
while we might twitch to breathe
their script is that I am resisting
but I am inhaling my spirit
doesn’t leave


while some who’s eye’s
are willing to lie
tell them what they see
isn’t reeling

while some are trying
to tell a black life how to be
when no honest danger
invisible hint, threatening feeling

If I’m 18 alone and afraid
twisted, wrestled
it’s wrong to run for my life

(unarmed, ain’t got no piece)

wasn’t trying to die

guess I deserve the beatin’
thrown like we back
in “59”

(young girl, home life is fried)

cause in your unyielding eyes

I’m surely mean to die


2 thoughts on “in those eyes i’m tryin to die

  1. Truly POW-ER-FUL!… in every breath of expression… seems technology is advancing to heights of exaltation, yet humanity is dwindling into archaic cesspool of self-serving ambition … may colour, nor race, nor religion, nor preference, be the precursor to incite division between the race of human… in love we share vx’s.

  2. Thanks James but with the way black teenagers and men are dying at the hands of the law in the streets only Gods intervention will stop it. Thank you for reading my far away friend.

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