face, the body migrating to voluptuous

he doesn’t understand

that at twenty three you will always be the man

I am woman and child and woman

has set up shop in the smiles of days gone by

developing rings around her trunk

and you aren’t the wiser

I hope to see you growing reaching no longer a seedling

I will always be me with adages appendages amendments

girly 2.0 hoping for continued tallness

stimulating conversation that you will seek as you go

cognizant of turning pages

we are still beautiful only more sage and aromatic

It could be romantic if continued watering planting

I will take on anything, sing anything by you

gotsta be nothing but us with some twisting and winding

some trying and some changing

making some adjustments

viewing thangs in the positive

cause if I haven’t killed nobody yet

remain contained with everyone around me

without setting lyrics to substitute Lucille in the atmosphere behind me

then It’s gosta be I ain’t dark and evil

you and rearranged sweetness

no longer twenty three

still plenty


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