Does Your Mama Know…?

mother & child copy Art by Ty Moore

In a period where teenagers and younger people have less and less regard for their parents or their advice, I am full on grown and listen to everything mama utters.

She says, “I don’t like your hair that color” and whatever the color is presently has got to change. She says, “Why don’t you wear more fitted cloths” and I start looking for something to hug my hips.

I have consciously listened to my mother since the age of twelve. She threw the perfect sentence at me to prevent me from getting pregnant at an early age when she said, “You know how much pain you’re in at that time of the month? Well- pregnancy pain is three times worse than that”.

That was all she had to say. To this day I don’t have any children but then I don’ have a husband either, (We’re not trying to rush that-J). Those words have never stopped anyone…except me.

The only explanation there could be for my listening to her from such a young age is she has always appeared ahead of her time. She’s has always been young and I saw her as fun loving, smart and in control. She was good for all of her siblings maintaining a special relationship with each of us. She was the mother of all mothers’ and she never steered me wrong.

Therefore, if she approached me today with a shade of lipstick and eye shadow that it never occurred to me to put on my face. I trust if applied I’mma take one glance in the mirror and know I am the M A C dime piece it was always meant for me to be and remember… I’m long grown.


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