giraffe_wallpaper_by_creatowI’m a girl, woman
choosing to accept the challenge of
the environment lower than me
so thank you GOD for making me a human being
from this box there will build a sky scrapper to dreams
taking a stray hand along in opportunity
moving turbulent to an upward situation

from this box the travel widens, spilling forth
stretching from where I sit while on the outside
it may continue looking like four restricting corners
right now this is where I live…temporarily
but one day expansion, taking on greater illustrative directions
more sketches in the road , more undiscovered designers,
leaders, shakers

MAESTRO please

from within this box climbing higher reaching a pinnacle seam
not surpassing the GLORY that started it all
but the glory of these four walls
within the confined studio being patient
because it was taught, it had to be taught
not to remain still, get up no matter quantity of falls
to make enough noise, blowing tops off
then no amount of restraints or close quarters will dictate how far
I can be tall


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