Collab with Patricia Travis – Jazz intonation

jazz intonation,
sharing herstoric information
no need for preparation
just a demonstration
musical admiration
my thinking cap is on like before, during and after graduation

often caught unwittingly
sitting quiet nothing feeling
subtle appearance aqua marine turning up collars
caring about nothing except influencing
taste in its pleasant aggressive progression
some think polyphonic prose ain’t up but it’s high without chemicals
down it’s busy thumping bass
puffing big jowls through trumpets
whipping chills sensitive clinking cymbals
swimming potion lustrous vocals…music switches places
background lyrics imposing rap upon prism lobes
can’t do nothing with this…
voluntary subject of interpretations, distortions
impotent sucker..frigid mix

so jazz

mister, bane of existence
sprained futility reducing fade to black

so we sip jazz tonic


very slowly sipping
speaking patiently never zipping
not wasting words – ink dripping
abundantly reed licking
wet lipping
occasionally era flipping
harmonically tune shipping
mentally traveling unconsciously slipping
into reality masterfully equipping
oral ear pleasure drumstick gripping
student musicians listening hard melodically nipping
at first green but the veterans are hipping


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