Life into story

turned life into story

so I wouldn’t have to carry nightmares and disadvantage

devastation can’t find comfort in my arms

close to where motivation is seated

between the fortress guarding ardor

veins and passions are caged

enemies that didn’t used to be

mouth’s packing the fortitude of error

have but a smidgeon of honor and nobility

not realizing what they release to the atmosphere

comes back as a boomerang in threes

intent on coveting lies by the bag…

limping to the grave (they think they walk upright)

holy glowing about the dome

keeping it in place with hands

so it don’t fall by the way

I turn life into story that

way I have separated myself

and I got no business because

what has the light in common with gloom 1448107-bigthumbnail

understand I plan repetitiously in bloom

move on…

a side of sunset with my aim


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