To greatness (and self imposed)

I tell you how great you are
you drop off my radar…I knew you would not stay
upon your failure I scramble for the broom
cause you ain no bodies failure…everybody make mistakes
but your mistakes make you greater for goodness sakes
you an ingrate but I still loves your feathers
come blowin past me like a Spring breeze
well sometimes you stop and say hello
write your signature across my surprise
I’m always thankful you came by but then…
there you take flight again going to spin those epic epiphany
I love so well but can’t you tell
and when you open your mouth to spell
you sound like I think if I heard Moses, he would sound
you sound like Billie Holiday
you sound like Zora Neal Hurston
you sound like Shakespeare
you sound like Edgar Allen Poe
you sound like Ursula
and you sound like Marilyn
yep Monroe and poems nobody realized while she was woke
and I still cherish you…here
but you are a star who knows that
and though you’re a monument to me now
you will drop off and disappear soon
and I’ll stay put … not seek refuge on the moon
just for you-95yp watching you soar


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