Quotation marks

Let me break this down so that it can be forever and consistently broke, (I’ve been waiting for a chance to say that) besides I have always had a Jones for Isaiah Washington. When I do this stuff it is like the clothes that don’t have a chance to cool in my closet with the tags… before hot on my runway, a garment that is dying to hang on me cause I’m gone take it to task and then I think, “Ya’ll better be glad I’m still struggling at the reservation and I don’t have Tyler Perry money, (Actually his money isn’t necessary). How about someone bought me lottery tickets as a gift and I scratched myself some extra change. Sister’s pride and envy wouldn’t be able to take the “galore” I have aimed, cocked and ready to spray from arsenals, (Let’s not be mistaken. I don’t own any authentic weapons and these “arsenals” aren’t real. It is just a metaphor sir…it’s just a metaphor) but man it hurt and stunned, thinking about my men relatives, (Have they had, “the talk”) and while they are 30-ish year old men, I’m going to type out multiple text and send, chase with obeisance to discuss there not be a repetition of 5 in one week cause it seemed that way, please not even a month) so GOD grant me the shoes so that I keep on walking cause when I’m done you will continue being the ONLY, ultimately the one to break it down so that it will be forever and consistently… broke (love that part).


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