so saddity (arrogance)

so arrogant

as if premier chosen
scraped knuckles bent
white nails
okay maybe beige
fingers arched in the throes
hearts thrashing
liquid beads flinging
up all night
but you

so arrogant

scribe upon shoulders
gradually cranked
by a lever from uppity neurons
get a lil’ more acclaim
we all gone be insane
ill from the point of your nose
lookin down
on the criminally novice
first timer’s baring honesty
it’s your brilliance
got you too smart
it’s your timing
got your mass swollen
it’s the worship of pagans
got you too inflated
it’s the caliber of ink
got you
you without hint
can’t see through visor
gold encrusted lashes

groupie by definition
your own magic

yeah you prodigy
but it isn’t your planet

so arrogant



4 thoughts on “so saddity (arrogance)

  1. You Talking ’bout me?…smile)))))))). No of course not, no arrogance in my brilliance, only pure light, full of grace… You painted the picture in skillful scribe… always wonderful to climb inside your brain… kind of colourful in here, isn’t it? xx

    • LOL you don’t like my colors Jim? I thought I would brighten it up a bit of course that could change :). Thank you for loving my shot about overly confident artist, of any kind really.

  2. Hey, I love your colours, it’s one of many things that attracts me to you, like a moth to the flame… a bee to a plump flower and a bird to it’s song… so warm me… pollinate my brain and sing your song… it’s this that keeps me smiling in the knowing of you. xx

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