yes, moon delivering me

crazy…I favor midnight affairs

even if it isn’t mine

I love someone else’s love

but now it is the moon

reaching into my pockets

tugs away at skirt linings

without interfering with flair

for the eclectic and doesn’t breath

impressed by singleness thus far

and oh yes preservation

see’s with passionate ripples

and now…well the moon

you know how I love my moon

is reaching for me

moon reaching for me

rotating like itunes on a good evening

nah sistah love as this is the stance

of fighting ignorance naievete’ desperation

no longer writhing in desolation

It’s gone be said in as many syllables

as can be said

breaking it down as only I can take it

contemplating over shapes of pale circle

awe of colossal roundness bathed in light

wrapped in bliss of navy deep

bragging lauding you know how it does

and you know how I love…

love a big jovial laughing star

moon that at last suspends there…

and not so far from me anymore

yessss misses sister…my turn

my moon reaches for me

2 thoughts on “yes, moon delivering me

  1. This had me wanting to scream…”let me be the one to light your nights… let me be the one you can depend on showing up to swaddle you tight” you know it’s the moon that stirs all our emotions, so why wouldn’t such a magic flow of expression stir my emotions to react? Love the way the moon’s dancing in dreamy brown eyes… xx

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