the letter…see, say something – Haibun

I said something when my mouth drew up with baby X’s creating straight lines (had already transitioned)…your eyes widened for a second, your head declined then and you closed. My lips quivered as inexperience couldn’t translate into words but don’t act like you didn’t know how I died, with a rope…swinging (teddy lying underneath) or you heard me by the tears collecting a puddle to trample threw, medicated yourself with some corner brew and I’m still growing. While precious and formerly innocent thanks to the man you’re married to, I’m not 11 yet but see I’mma fall and git me a child from somebody else’s intimate hug while you have watched.


Don’t mind me cause there’s life’s cold crimson right now spattered in your house, on the basement walls, in my room that you bought and paid for,  (on your hands)  but I’m a child who run this. I ain’t paid no bills, came into this world with all the frills. I say what’s off limits and you pay the tow. I come to this world owing nothing.  Ain’t but two minutes off laying low something, right now it’s a cat somewhere screaming in pain or maybe a carnivorous video game…I’m playing.  I’m gone be famous ‘fore I turn 18, take a few people with me know what I mean, cause if you don’t know who your child is by now, here’s Johnny…you finding out something, scratching your head how?



I’m young and black (did I mention I was black). My daddy left early with my mama struggling and cracked, no man to hold me down and no matter how I try there’s nobody around to show me I’m something more… but I overcome. Go to college and put it to it, made it out the real hood, got good grades and one weekend I’m in the wrong place (some random street I don’t know anything about). I turned down a funny street and I got lost, somehow meeting up with these two cops where I attempt to explain but they don’t wanna hear my voice, don’t wanna know my name, don’t know I got good grades, a good reputation, don’t know I overcame cause all they saw was “nothing”…they heard I was black, most remember…brains burn with that?  Well…I used to be


said something we refused to acknowledge

saw what we hoped… things will turn out polished

if ignored it must go away…as long as we were present

it would be okay …P R E S E N T


all in a definition


4 thoughts on “the letter…see, say something – Haibun

  1. This played out like some movie in my mind… your imagery was on the mark and vivid… how hard it must be to try and grow mentally or spiritually when you’re looked at with different eyes and darkened heart… especially when you’ve tried so hard to step outside your early tracking… and just when you’re got it all on course… someone’s there to slap you down with tainted eye-sight… I really hate this part of life… the one where colour changes everything… I could never live that way… so obviously I would become a statistic if I were in that position… yeah, I love the way you write… so much heart behind your cerebral intention… you rock my Queen! xx

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