no…I make love for dayz

so indulgent it has been in mine


love might not love nobody

but it sho’ love itself some me

cause I have smoked it from tight intricate spaces

like air inside a mason jar sitting in a window blazing

from the sun too long

through each encounter managed

not to loose dignity

or the second half of my La Perla collection

despite affections erupting

still giving me his play

while he…he becomes stitch by stitch undone

barely cognizant til threads escape

though he never jumped that far back

he kept charging this direction


he assigned different shapes

Omar, Hakim and Lateef

making my acquaintances in grocery stores

shopping malls… at dinner quietly lit

fixating on the tint of gloss until

turning mesmerized

trying not to let his gaze slip

between scoops of sweet potato pie

after occasional sips of taupe bubbles

suspended above crystal stems


such hearts pined (so did mine) and why shouldn’t they

with my serving as confidant good company perceptions entwining

haven from mama when he done worked her last nerve

what is needed for serenity


so I ask…why shouldn’t he


incidentally there is a secret

many of us forget

he revels in the chase if we

don’t pet and cajole him too soon

we can still show him the moon

from the grass if we allow so

much time to wither…pass


then you are open to minutes





…(feel like I’m forgetting something)


and so I proceed…making love

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