floral of gratitude and sound

negligent with blessings

left them on the floor stepping on top of them

crushing… not seeing I might get more

 treating the ones retrieved as if appreciated

without underrating considering faded

skating past them behaving comparable to some Olympic glide

while tuned to begging in double toned shepherd essence

released from obedient school

not to take them for granted but politely rescue

their residuals from the ground

expose benefits throwing no undue shade

I could be all the fairer… if I let them

shower their magic thanking the one bestowing quantity

never imagined

multiply as prolifically as I could afford

possibly I should commence to bended levels

with chin covered decollate clasped palms making attempts at atonement

owing the last drop of rain for the meadows debut

beds that spring petals they ballad to

therefore, I should reclaim these blessings

play for them chords of various mellow


a rich banishment of hapless exclusions


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