done rained on your head but i’ll be around

could have been anchor to shoulder

if only regarding me

noticed past forest of jealousy jaundiced then nurturing

thick and dense too murky but determined to swim

my lone soul offering the saving limb

rejected over those you thought would ally…be there

smearing a heart as if nothing rare was at stake

mistreating weak foundation…knew you weren’t going anywhere

would be able to manipulate…malign you

feminine rendition of “Pinocchio”

use until we couldn’t decipher anything only life’s shred

like a starving infant suckling for punishment

conclusions seemingly coveted

so naive I wanted to spare poisoned figments

fevered imagination but you went orbiting

ejected into a journey of despair already in pieces

trying to meld cracks together

running toward a destination difficult to burden

but I’ll  stand down for power to kick in

hoping some ray of clarity before the last minute

sorry, no pills for this brutishness

demolishing of self


waiting as it all falls down

you gone let them rain on your head

look this way…I would have loved


I will cover you


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