attributes as is…sanctified

can you


lord over with adoration

offering affections pledging adhesion

endorse the gifts she luxuriates

reciprocal to resilience


can you


revel in her content

effortlessly present tomorrow

underneath the rehearsed bravado

make concessions for her warrior

to waver


legal garments stripped away

meet her at the soul of the earth

when populace reduces her

your character in the balance

wear her on your arm…hovering


will your chin elevate

with each glimpse of her artistry

place a cloud to tender her steps

she…paves course of goddess

validate expanse of simmering interlude

a witness when manifesting brilliance


encompassing all such things


can you


will you…


erect to disentangle

as the winds come quite contrary



and they shall minister



can you champion her exterior riches


as    she   is….   SANCTIFIED




2 thoughts on “attributes as is…sanctified

  1. Hi Shirlena, this read true and strong, brave yet calming… and the ‘she’ well that was the real winner for me… why not she? truly uplifting and flowed like the liquid honey you’re known for… this was up there with my favorites from you… really needed this message today. xx

  2. I am appreciating your elaborative review so much Jim…you act like you know who “she” is. Dare I thrill that you might. If you do I’m very proud of you – smile. I’m proud of you anyway. You are a wonderful friend, one of the best. Thank you.

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