be here burning

everything song with a heart connection leads me to a trail of your whereabouts

pine eighties and nineties soul music soon there will be no categories

for this reason there is a longing for the good way back

Heavy was a diddly  

ah Diddly 



with B Boys and plaits of branches… ransacking on our brains

we was liking it…acting as a peacemaker when we were sorrowful

caught with cracked feelings from some man Du’ jour and you weren’t that man

and you weren’t even him tomorrow

mellowing on organic essential… you hear I said essential melodies

sit in the mall parking lot dragging without a club floor spotlight

but it was gone be me and Dwele tonight…whispering in sultry neo flair

cause there was no escape and no other place to turn

but the knob of the volume…for me to melt into obliviousness and burn


I’mma just let my head fall to burn dahling

and afterwards put my pastels on and be over you for a while         

well…until the next undulation




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