sparkling like prism…greetings love

so glad it’s over…finished with striking


petitions on a clear view

so much water no doubt prompting ideas of treason

rebelling against grey dripping drops of dejections

when I was a kid I could turn it around transforming into showers

of ice cubes floating in rays of lemonade and it would be coo

stand upright when tired recovering from a swim no one could drown from


only drenched… yes I remember



pondering…glad it’s over becoming too much

sick pushing way through the robust low fog and his sidekick salty storm

finally a welcoming with open arms

performance from combination dancers writing wines mustards and ambers

against the pallet of the sky…

ahhh yezzz blushing choreographer cast your rainbow across my eyes



I live because peals of illumination come to see me

racing underneath reflections into my arms



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