If you are sexy and you don’t need validation


…And you don’t have to give up nothing, say nothing or do a thing out of the ordinary. Take it from someone who is fully aware of her own sex appeal. She don’t know what it is about herself *snicker*, (other than the fact she is somewhat attractive which doesn’t necessarily equate sexual attraction) but most men, no matter their origin, find her sexy and the majority of them are fleeting encounters but for the men whom she’s actually been in lasting relationships romantic or platonic, there is an eternal mark upon their impressionable hearts, bless them. On several occasions there have been details by way of her mother and sisters on guys they grew up, who still send messages of their desire to bask in her magnetism. She is frequently given the sexy nicknames even from female associates like “Sexy, Betty Boop, Sexy Red (because of her apricot skin color and hair) and Sexy A” without fishing for them.

 She may be less confident about her physical appearance more so than the sexy persona but it just is and apparently exudes even when having a “down on her” day. While out with a friend of hers and his sister, the sister pulled her to the side to tell her, “You’re so sexy” which led to her thankful blushingly.  You know these types personally don’t you?  The girl who may not be as aesthetically attractive but there is something about her, she let’s off this smoldering aura or on the flip side, the strikingly beautiful girl who you wonder what makes her so hot to everybody other than additionally, a slender body maybe. Of course, everyone has their own opinion of what sex appeal is. It’s always made sense that if you don’t have it then you can’t force it or that sexy is never something you can put on or take off.  It has to be present before any enhancements but then that’s my opinion. How are you feelin ‘bout this subject?


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