I know…but he’d rather have her

I got goals gathering assets in accounts

line them up straight…keep the best aspirations in a row

far as being beautiful … assorted exotica obviously a point of recognition

somebody else may find it hard to fathom

such rare contours and eclectic designs…unassuming intelligence

comes with all that you see in this here vicinity

but he don’t feel straight arrows and even attitude…holding wrath

rejects the fever I get over the mere mention of life

it don’t matter if with my bare hands bust through ignorant walls

tear through structure and mortar to make happy apart of daily regiment

he don’t see I provoke positivity in the face of those who say we ain’t of too much concern

each day invite lessons of enlightenment …which disciple should I practice today

wash my face lathering with class and mercy

she is surface and physical and she is…  most consumed with your external self

all the wrong things


but  I’m doomed

he rather digs on her




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