Jus’ don’t matter ’bout Jean Day


FORGET semi tight A jeans this prelude to Saturday


taking in deep pockets of air to mental detriment

don’t want to go peruse… dreading dressing room closets

too much time to figure if the booty looks good in these or these

spindling around cause they fit bottom but not belly

posing in the mirror to see if I got the tootche


cause the booty don’t lie… making or breaking the weekend

so I pick the casual dress that flows and makes no body parts suffer

middle takes on the shape of a peach…half split down the center

petruding with just enough bounce and shimmy


 one with stripes straight up and down black taking turns with blocking grey

thigh high boots to make up for the fact stems ain’t tied down

pencil legs with confinement zippers… buttons threatening to pop

big ole bella ear dangles… rather breathe this Friday


think about sucking in for coke bottle effect Friday after next

still plenty left to lead some man down the valley of contentment


4 thoughts on “Jus’ don’t matter ’bout Jean Day

  1. Gotta a pair of jeans in my closet as a gauge to know when it’s time go to work.
    Seems there’s too much work needed to contain any drift… it’s like a glacial spill; hard to contain…. So I am only going to comment in the safety of loving honesty, and tell your imagery had me spinning around with you in the mirror checking those curves that excite… And you know you look good in everything I’ve seen you in so far, so I’ll just remain the contented man in the valley’s where there is sight to inspire further exploration…. And self-confidence in the woman strutting her stuff.

    with our thoughts we create,
    images of beauty,
    James xx

    • Honey that is your fantasy of me lol. I am a pretty woman but I have a bit of a pot belly and I think I’ve told you that before. Even though I exercise regularly I do need to step it up a bit and I am working on it but the truth is though I have curves they are far from perfect and I’m not skinny but thanks for the lovely vision of me (smile).

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