The “make me believer”

something on this planet with no contest
thinks it can assign names but catch it…there are many
I’m always changing
sit to wait on the next signal
where do you think comes the next ticket to the light
if I only knew how intricately detailed
crafted I could really be I… tying lips as a gift
lock down the mote to the mind…next time
there would be begging on hound legs
unlike those of Oshun who have been said
good enough to spank Jehovah
natives scrambling for words in the next song, “In The Key of Life”
inventive succession exceeds dropping the mic
breaking thread to haute wear soon vied for
where will derive the next word
here’s a dash for your tongue
know who it is… while truly outside of range
sleep one eye penetrating… I     AM    EVER   CHANGING

4 thoughts on “The “make me believer”

  1. It’s obvious by your writing that you’re an intelligent person Hernan because you don’t understand my mind shouldn’t cause you to be embarrassed. It’s someone else’s mind. You’re not required to know it or instantly assess. I’m a little off…I’m surprised when someone does get me and thank you by the way. lol.

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