anything like use before

anything like us before

just in case we start ta clicking
energy starts to flow
let me ask you a question is something similar old
you looking for an experience
when formerly such things were easy
significant for warming snowy
pristine with camouflage sheets
hidden for certain reputations come out
when absent searing heat
be no melting between us
except when one needs to bury his need
reason for me to shrink
from possibilities his dish goes cold
novelty wears off with reality
a suit you frequent is glowing
habit to question the motives seems to appear
exciting outside til facts start tumbling
there is good deal stirring than here
lusciousness and brown
you are readily available and me… I’m around

10 thoughts on “anything like use before

    • Oh don’t give up on it now Hernan…wait patiently for the right one and while you’re waiting figure how to make yourself the best person you can be.( I’m always a work in progress lol.) Before you know it she’ll be standing in front of you. You know you attract what you are.

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