defective… sins and prodigy


seriously… inefficient matter if spines were ripped

wounds cried out with voices of searing strain…agony

I like being this way anyway…even prototypes of the most raging of pain

It’s reconcilable there be no shame about the people of the people of the grain

that whence they came…from barest of earth…perspiration rained to replenish

infuse the successive ragged soul…preparing him for the path he would row

passion with which he would steal strength for emancipation

can’t make the lords mistake go fleeing…don’t won’t to minimize this deformity…handicap

I am impaired grateful…no organism able to pry me from this sweet tailed fallacy

oh it may not be the delicacy of your dreams… but it’s all malnourishments baby in me


I give thanks…disparity

caviar blossoms… this thorn


4 thoughts on “defective… sins and prodigy

  1. Always the half-full cup sister with view to what is… Your words are rich and your mind enriched… send a little my way!

    Hope you are doing well and this weather isn’t causing you too much grief.

    With our thoughts we create,
    loving thoughts,
    James xx

    • So you messin with me now. I see your picture but does that mean you’ve joined finally. Please let me know. When I tried to go to your page it’s like you have one but I get a message telling me what I’m looking for doesn’t exist. Oh you know my allergies are messing with me like a big dog. Thanks for asking but right now I’m more concerned with finding you here…thank you very much 🙂

      • Well I’m here, but haven’t posted anything yet, but I am going to make an effort this year to pick up my game… still have a little trouble negotiating this site. Had a feeling you weren’t doing that well with your health… well it’s sweltering down here… hot, hot hot! something that would have your skin glistening. Love your book, some familiar and most new, just another thing to feel close in the heart… take care, be well and may this New Year bring you abundance in everything..

        with our thoughts we create,
        possibilities to excite,
        James xx

  2. Oh that is so good!! I’m so excited that you’ve joined!!! I can’t wait for you to start writing and I can read ( and might I say you looking good in that pic…you don’t look like an ailing man to me, You all toned up and everything so you must be in great anatomical shape). The ladies gone come a running lol. I feel okay for right now…it’s up and down. You know how allergies work. Great Great Great for you!!!

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