i’m listening

I ‘ll sit and listen to fingers doing black and white justice
at the beginning of the week I try not to ill
actually this is for venting…having my spill over what is or isn’t fair
while sitting… going to hold tight and not move because
I intend saving disturbance
concentration…the flow unmistakeable and quenchable yet not too full
it is in my best interest me to stay in attendance … mellow in this chair
money should tip over the jar…considering there is one…not lifting a toe
to bring me closer to the exit…this place might close down with me in it
as long as the concert continues in tepid light…
spotlight through hither henna bulbs in a blackened room
spices air themselves from French fried bird… linger on tips it’s hard to flinch
without losing whiff of tongue-tied unplugged heaven
elated it’s the hands in control while the  melody smolders … flames instigate
music dripping from the curtains …just keep playing my behind to the seat

feeling beckoned
amidst this flair … not about leaving tonight
I’m listening


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