Have a Lil’ Soul with your Poetry

Have a Lil’ Soul with your Poetry

This warm collection of my poetry is of no charge for your poem loving pleasure on Amazon from November 4th to the 8th. Please enjoy…freely.  Thank you


8 thoughts on “Have a Lil’ Soul with your Poetry

    • Thank you Hernan, I hope you will ;). I would love to read of yours as well. I visited the sites for them but I’m a little apprehensive, not because I don’t love your writing, I do but I pay attention to content when I’m reading or looking at a movie and if I feel like the content may be somewhat supernatural or spiritistic even demonic or profane then I’m unable to indulge. I’ll keep watching out for something from you that is safe for my sensibilities :). I love your writing.

  1. Great book so far! I just finished ‘songwriter’ and it’s my fav. When I am done I will write you a review. And after my next book I am going to write a comedy short so I will see if you will read that. All my other stuff is extremely violent I can’t even pay people to market my book because of the gore and content. That’s okay. I’ll just write more books anyways.

    • I know it’s well written (your book) but I simply cannot do gore. I do look forward to your comedy and love comedy by the way. Iwill be glad to read it when it’s complete. I did a poem called “songwriter”? lol. Thank you!

  2. I have finished your book. It was a wonderful read of some very strong poetry. None of which you have blogged before I see. You’ll see my review once they finish processing it. I wanted to let you know because Amazon does not inform you when you get reviews on your book.

    • Hernan, that is so sweet of you. It’s funny the people I have known for years, also in the writing game who say they will leave a response still won’t leave one. It’s like any genre I guess. I love poetry I look to embrace poetry of all kind but everybody don’t think like me :). Thank you so much for reviewing my book and reading it. I’m sure the book is pretty honest lol. I forgot the poems in there. Thanks again, I really appreciate it. If I can leave a review for you anytime please point me in the direction.

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