rolled minds into one heart

It used to be I coveted your heart … selfish
wanting adoration and emotion all for me
how childlike must I be… I asked myself in the echo
of dark canyons when it felt like sorrowful meditation
God invited himself into each room…knowing he could always
do so if he wanted too… gathered mustard seeds in through mounds of prayer

I use to plead for your heart and mine to join dreaming for you to know
how pure in thought was polished intuitions
always envisioning grand illusion for aspirations including your future
your presence in upper torso of plain white cotton and blue jeans
underneath muscles blessing fibers and threads gratuitous clinging

mercy… it was all to rise from a treasured quilt and anticipate
but I graveled for more than that…praising the raisin glaze on top of your frame
all I wanted was your heart to wound itself…become a ball with mine
bouncing encore to the view of a solitary sunset


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