if Lisa had not become nature and cosmos

she would forge continuation expanding…a resurgence
show casing a change of heart…realizing the three
meant to happen was partly her champagne drops
she would turn around to restore
because really who could truly retreat after the love commune … good times
but since she is not in the world right now
there would be profound devotion because no one tells you what should exist
having to do with you but you
lives coming full circle
still with crazy… but most sexy and chill
while the pebbles littering  soil and springs kicked rocks

taking one of her own to the head

goodnight Ms. LopezImage


5 thoughts on “if Lisa had not become nature and cosmos

  1. I think the three different looks on each of their faces tells the story of their sister… One of compassion, one of strength and the other, ‘ Lisa’,the one of defiance… Miss the connection, but still have TLC, lasting visions,,. great words imprinted afar. xx

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