Chante Moore Confirms Season 2 of ‘R&B Divas: LA’; Talks Drama with Kelly Price

I enjoyed Chante’s time on Tom Joyner as always. She so down to earth, beautiful and seems to have a natural goodwill toward people if you let her. That’s why I know what she is saying is true regarding her encounter with Kelly Price on the show whom I am so disappointed in (like she cares lol). I thought she would be the beacon of Christianity that she claimed to be instead she was very opposite of that. Which shows again, as Chante said, “You are who you are” no matter how hard you try to hide it.

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Season one of “R&B Divas: LA” is long over but the drama between Kelly Price and the other women on the show is still brewing.

Since the end of the season, Price has come out defending her portrayal on the show, saying that the editing on the show made her look bad.

Well fellow cast mate Chante Moore thinks otherwise, she told the Tom Joyner Morning Show when asked about Price’s negative portrayal, “That’s the way it was off-screen and on. I’m sorry, and I would love to say something different but I’m not going to lie about nothing. It was the truth.That was what happened.”

On the possibility of doing a “Divalogues” tour with Price, she explained, “Business is business and I don’t sing duets with Kelly, we are good. She can sing her show, I will sing my show, it will be…

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