teeth may grit


I sense a bulbous well boiling… forth coming

festering… and it must not lie..  it has stopped on refrain until pupils

have seared and gone dry…retired to the rear of my brain

with force there is a wealth of hate for the loftiness of society

the nerve of that portion of world who dictate to people

how proper everybody should live while loitering in enormous chairs

vaulted octagon rooms dealing hypocrisy as if poker players

shuffling peoples lives who don’t aspire to steal what they have stolen


may as well become headline news

the way I despise these portions scattering imposed hue

bold as purple judging the disabled…more children becoming starved

because of their appeals

threatening to slam closed things that they’ll never feel

heels don’t even touch expansion

not one hair of the head will disparity touch


they are undaunted… and inhumanity continues to unfold

wish I could smack’em hard and fast in the money


have them shriek like little girls


2 thoughts on “teeth may grit

  1. It’s the little people that make the big people big… But ego won’t let that resonate.
    Powerful words, and said in the way only you could express…Love that… Wish i could smack’em hard and fast in the money… Have them shriek like little girls… Yeah i would love to see that too… Nothin’ but love, James xxxxx

    • I know right?I was reading about the government shut down here in the United States. Those statesmen would rather see people suffer than to do the right thing. That is how much they hate the Head of State. Of course they are wealthy and unscathed by any of the fall out from it. Thanks James this incident inspired this write. It’s All Love Shirlena

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