moving myself…moving somewhere else

where I would normally be loathing…I’m excited

I am in the middle with a short attention span fidgeting day dream havin

can’t sit still in the madness of collecting boxing brown and plastic

I ain’t nevah had this feeling bout moving before so I’m asking myself

what’s going on with you and in talking to myself I always answer

it’s a form of therapy and sometimes a calming effect ensues

nevah evah had these feeling bout moving heavy and weighed down

from one headache to a new one toying with me and re-gifting instead

aah baby there’s the scratch and the operative word is new

cause it’s been seven long years with new management  and the  amenities

in the old place which done seen it times and the prices flyin elite landing  dead in my hair

so I’m shaking over what they calling the climb out of recession…who’s recession?

cause I’m still knee deep enough that it’s got me up rooting with camel square totes

wanting to improve my deficit controlled existence so I’ll be movin’ my stuff myself

yeah I’m giddy bout packin … another adventure in renting real estate


what in the what


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