all ever required is a whisper

still don’t know…

we were speaking of  infamous names
and fortunately it wasn’t mine and it especially wasn’t his
because he didn’t have nobody leave him in such horrendous escape
but I could not rest and I said no you don’t have to protest
because you haven’t been down this slide
you haven’t played on this playground… rode this ride where you
got to constantly check the ground for glass with your bare feet
an entity shuffling behind you is not like a finger suddenly
in the middle of your spine bouncing off your shoulder blades…reverberating
with the breath of unmitigated gall cause he thinks he’s the maker
hot on your neck… so no you don’t have to

cause he feels right now you should be breaking down in your joints
in fear…not only for yourself but for those you know
and those who hold the thought of you fondly and closely
and he blows because he knows he can carry the weapon
blowing and knowing the system is his savior
boasting cause if he get the notion all he has to do is point
leaning back cause he know the playground is his in actuality…

his joint…if he won’t it to be and there is no voice in me unless it gets raised
in prayer in my case but in the cases of those feeling kin and related
is screaming and shouting saying it loud and outing

guess what’s being outted?

but he don’t have to…all he have to do is look
all he have to do is be and when speaking…mere speaking
cause shrieking is never needed

infinitely…all that is required …is a whisper
and whether wanted to face it or not this is not fiction
call it the way it is able to be handled ….
but don’t be calling that a victim …where there is no understanding


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