looking no further…stopping over this

not searching…

got to discover me and when it does declare

oh this is 4th or maybe 5th to the equations of the universe

and here it has been nestled all along among the nebula

she bear them shapely wine flavored legs jez like

I dream with them doll…pump wearing feet and…the bootteee

that hangs in the air a little longer still visible before turning the corner

we rusty butt teenagers chanted about with our corn floured knees

she ain’t perfect but she git close up to it like one of GOD’s pet

sent prayers up for me when I didn’t know better

now I must be in the land of eventually…it’s about time or I would have


lost out on a portion of heaven

missing the essence of seasoning for my mouth to savor

fortunate…recipient of full true flavor

little measure for seconds to go around

she will be my first always… world starting over with each new wake

he stops at the fairest pomegranates and doesn’t mind


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