in advance

unfortunately this isn’t verbiage to thrill the masses

do words for healing feeling and boo hooing laughing remembering

sharing what was bread but a lot of it isn’t going to be pretty

for wide viewing and something’s going to catch a body part like thickets

with thorns in the briar

way with a phrase is not going to gain admiration

you gone walk away from this one seething…probably

cause it is written the way I was made and not the scripted emulated verses

hard as it is noted it doesn’t resemble nothing in a mirror of my vision

I’m afraid you gone be tripping…sadly

It won’t be a lesson as it should be unfortunately… there will be avoidance

around and flipping passing the buck or deflection

won’t be those light bulbs in cartoons with real talk overhead

will there be?  I doubt it…this line of scripture won’t make ripple unless

it comes in the form of movie or silent pages with erasable meanings


 will there be…

no…there will be no vast convening


4 thoughts on “in advance

  1. I love the way you put your words together. Much better than the conventional. I tried to read an anthology of poets from one of the ones I follow and I couldn’t get through it. They all sounded the same and it was like they were trying to hard to describe something mundane. I don’t mean to belittle their efforts but I must be honest. It was all scripted emulated verse. Thank you for bringing me out of that lull.

  2. You are so sweet Hernan, Thank you. We must be very similar because when I read poetry I want to feel awakened and then unable to remove the words from my head once I read them which I why I like your poetry

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