can’t stop draping myself over the stuff

there is something about hint of a perfect arrangement

smelling like the notes in a brisk white perfume with a touch of cane

to bring it on home

scent of where I would’ve been born if the womb carrying me

had pushed a little harder in behalf of her apricot shade of a home

and not left me alone

to seek unknown terrain or at least send me armed to play

around in someone else’s predetermined oyster

It must be nice  to have been as highly educated then as I am now finding  the plush green

where the young lyrics grow to become flowers  within my salted aqua waters

aligning themselves to trim the fine crimson brownish land

as for myself I can’t get enough of its worth


8 thoughts on “can’t stop draping myself over the stuff

  1. intelligent and wide spread… and it’s not just the young lyrics drinking blue aqua from your deep well… a couple of us oldies are taking full advantage also… your mom sounds like a peach, not an apricot. You rock lady xx

    • You are so silly :). I feel so giddy when you come by and grace me with your commentary. You are sounding less and less like the James I first met though. Do you realize that. You keep getting better and picking up more slang lol. Thank you James. Love you.

      • Hey lady S,
        I finally got your book through… amazing!!! Your tones never fail to make me weak at the knees… I wrote the review before I received the book… not knowing how long it was going to take to get here… Hope its alright?
        I’m really going to make an effort to write on this site, just not real sure about anything on here yet…but here goes nothing, right?

        With our thoughts we create,
        loving thoughts,
        James xx

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