to the sense of Monday

…and so I have got to come around
from lids once gritty ready for one pound of new ink… a raven flounce
If I feel like it… I carrying all that visual flirtation close to the brain
and what about the lips… let’s not leave them out…providing them with no
room to pout their frustration illuminate them in shimmering beige…lay minimal guilt on me

I come around gradually …from those midnight aquarium scenes
where I’m conjurer but can’t get into my own masterpiece … cause I can sho’ think
something from the earth…in painted flashes lighting up canvas as Michael Angelo stroking a ceiling
insinuating into living mortar a flavorful brand of boss graffiti

and so to finally arrive in the thick of Monday matter… I confront nothing with too much girth
in view…only a particular sedate hue of attitude to decorate my face

2 thoughts on “to the sense of Monday

  1. I really like your style. The words sing and dance off the page/screen and seem to naturally come together like a well-painted canvas. I have tried to write like that but have failed miserably so I am glad to be able to read your vivid expressions. Thank you!

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