this revelation will not be televised

eternally emblazened … I pretend often not to be apparent hid the rich outsides while hoping you might care adverse to accosting of me or separation of yourself if you saw a path less than acccepting of the bright window into the paradisaical awe of me wouldn’t ask you to change… unconcerned about the reasons you remain as you are in your precious arsenal but if you unveiled me you’d want to question my part in the scheme of things often I explore the ridiculous ignorance we could rip to dust if we did it together but one of us is not aesthetically suited half a person… measuring up to few task then came a monumental illusion of heart and so with trembling passion I say

“EXAMINE ME” held images of myself as the pulchritude of non denominational female

anything for you to believe in me

anything so you would accept me

anything to make you love me

anything for you understanding that what I am… is anonymous

so you don’t need a revelation

it could change things


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