missing things before you gone

so melancholy i can’t even say your name barely

thoughts flood at the planting of first seeds

where those memories gained legs

in the shadows where I was crouch kneed

you carried new life to me

crowned royalty for me to breath

but the air is much higher elsewhere than I can retreat

not another chance of losing the prize over you

it would be the ultimate plan if I could

if not for that one blemish the painting would complete

spread across the canvas amongst every shade

puzzle of life including every piece

remaining sealed with our laughter

then I could never be lost…

now it’ll be a challenge to find my way through new blindness

with eyes…each step band aids rip

every pore in denial…trying to protest in animosity

I didn’t sit tight and  the tone of destiny

familiarity in which she calls you louder each day

I become mute as you walk away… from everything


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