I said…hey there man

I ducked proposals…didn’t show up in those venues

don’t understand the grin… concluding it’s nerves

knew those were the places for confrontations

they were relentless pursuits on his part

secretly I blushed and enjoyed his lamentations…”When”?

pouting to kiss my hand…being attractive

turned corners and dodged stalking shadows that resembled questions

flinched at debris skipping when the breeze scooted them along like little ones

“Come on children guilt is running upon you”

trailing me as I’m posing… a tight palm beneath my chin

his pleading his case… so very dapper

wrestling with self inquisitions … his impositions though polite

what is my malfunction…what is your plight

thrusting diversions into angst

wanting to the core to indulge but knowing it’s better if not

tired of thinking because the answer is yes to me

but it won’t be yes for him…long as I ‘m planning to hide



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