we were about to be gazing longingly

we were able to stop it before it started so we wouldn’t be trapped in spring butter cups… as lovely as they are smelling like a couple of his and hers honey jars

my knees were just about to buckle… led by the hazel roller coaster can’t stand a stare head on…neither can I but we were about to be there… I was about to fall into the dream of holding you tight…arms caressing your neck… dipping my nose into your cologne that’s an intoxicating drink I can’t  afford to spend

have someone’s guard fall down stay on that side of the room… I’ll stay on mine maybe we can sneak another round of mesmerized beguiling concentrating half glares each in the other’s business… if the beating in our chest will keep it to a low pound

when less people are paying attention

because we almost gave in when we talked about taking It slow but I don’t know…how about you


One thought on “almost

  1. Just gotta say… the imagery left me wanting this story to continue… you do allurement that entices soft wings to the air.
    how do you feel in here? seems like there’s know one here, is there?
    feels all lonely… but i feel better knowing that i can still feel inspired by reading your words…here, there doesn’t really matter, just happy to see your name and now a beautiful face i can connect with… stayed tuned. xx

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