a glimmer

r s v p my domicile be it exclusive invitation

primped for the grand tour of a foundation… experience of completeness

expectations of an ultimate caravan through massive love field

I don’t mind if earth never adjoins my members

to be the tireless subject of a studious mans endearing conversation

feel intense embrace of a determined lair

vowed a future in a single glimpse of compatible eternity

to stop his breath with signature design

feed in like… a delirious excursion

have him show gratitude by his nature… become bound from skin

after reaching the scope of his intelligence

ocean of sepia so restorative…abyss deep

a mortal night to stand watch …avenge of life’s torrential waves

rest my body upon the warm raisin sands of his rescue

the trip of my arrested soul…one eyeful

One thought on “a glimmer

  1. There’s so much to read into one glancing encounter… a glimpse or a glimmer? hope that see’s you laying scent that bring bee’s hiving… so much story condensed in a short format.. show the cranial thinker,smooth of tone… and one that inspires more than just skin. xx

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