thought we…

my impression was

we had each other from the rear

head to toe

fingers and elbows

lately you don’t defend me

half sistah who has the same parent

only claiming you

thought we were in it for the long road

that road will wind this path again

both of us turning grey after the air hits our wet skin

can’t get an extra minute in your fan fare…anymore

I’m the other

obsolete and everything within my vicinity

is the enhancement

me…old and extinct in the affair

may not live in the forest at present

but you’re still ultimate bird of prey

fly around the world have your wings clipped

looking for a place to land

remember… how we became aware

with wings that scarcely lift to protection

hunters want to shoot

how close was the tightly linked flock

our eyes will lock…and like déjà vu

I’ll catch you mid-state… in the air


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