hello to the ‘Ville and goodbye

dwelled a place that made me so alone
strictly returning for family
as they are home where the heart resides
at times riddled with sadness… still I have to feel… that place
not up close but far enough from the little ache that follows me
as I cross over from Chattanooga
respect at a distance with a protective coat
the shield is… I can’t stay and it is soon off to the second abode

I’ll have a private sware’…
fighting not to hate it for the history
for hero’s had their beginnings there
great grand tore out remnants of hair
punishing going to bed for chewing gum…
clean brick projects… porches on homes
chased by mannish Negroes with magnified testosterone
from the skinny side to curves
red boned…a well framed woman
few reasons to hang on… write reminiscent odes

besides… Yolanda Cornelia left here too

hello to the ‘Ville and good bye

wish I loved you… more


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