to make you bad

kindred contemplated and revisited

if I could use a gifted hand

my being rare sparkle who doesn’t search but sits back on her laurels

in this here arena

refining the polish on me like a car

playing clean up with washer women tenacity

wouldn’t pretend being strong…I is

no banana to peel because here is prime real

frontal… facing a contender with no fear

tackling skepticism of the ear disease

having nil derogatory reports to present without one shred of clue

perception of homemade companion

an achingly spiritual sweet tooth

pockets full of respect in which to shower

honor to all aspects of womanhood

throw in some mutuality to the gifts of soulful power

tireless seekers of refuge in the same magnificent crag

finish in a graceful tower

this is how things build…

to make you bad

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