crazy turned out world (people)

what is zat!

super women with no men

(we might have him now but we won’t keep him…watch)

and girly men and no woman a’tall

we want it every which way and want it all

til we  forwards coming and tumbling bass ackwards

til what is the truth

then we want to throw religion into this man made ruse

and yeah HE love us all but oh… why don’t you think he has boundaries cause we all do

HIS line is perfect and we got too much climbing to do

we bold, and speaking our minds

people kissing our behinds

we still ain’t nevah happy

step on peoples toes turn to eat crow

while we point the fingers

cause we ain’t no bettah off than yesterday…

we just imagine we are


2 thoughts on “crazy turned out world (people)

  1. Hey Lady(((((((((((((, leaving your mark with straight talkin’ facts.. I guess some folk may need an escalator if they’re ever goin’ hope of climbing to any height… but I know He’ll help those willing to try. vx’s.

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